Vintage Collections

Otto Randall shares his favourite spots for shopping vintage.


Co-founder of Vagabond Festival, Otto Randall, shares his favourite spots for shopping vintage collections.


There are many great record stores across the States, but Chicago’s Reckless Records has a special place in my heart. You can find everything from the latest hits to a reissue of an obscure African psychedelic rock band. And of course, they have tons of bins of used vinyl where I’ve found some hidden gems.


A lot of thrifting has moved online now, which is great for making it more accessible, but I still find a lot of joy browsing vintage fashion stores in person. One of my favourites is The Ocean Beach Antique District in San Diego. With over 200 antique dealers, you can spend a whole day there and be confident you’ll find something you’ll love.


I love supporting local, independent bookstores and will take any chance I can get to purchase some vintage or used books from them. One of my favourites is Westsider Rare & Used Books in New York City. They have such a huge variety of hidden gems for such a small store. Whenever I run into some writer’s block, it’s my go-to place for getting some inspiration.